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i) The Agikuyu were divided into clans

Each clan was made up of several sub-clans (Mbari) with common descent, and usually living in the same ridge

ii) Each ridge was under a Muthamaki (spokesman)

He was the chairman of the council

Muthamaki emerged due to his personally and leadership potential

iii) Each sub

clan was ruled by a council of elders/kiama
The council performed religious, It, “administrative and judicial roles

iv) There existed two generation sets (Marika) Mwangi and Maina

The council performed religious administrative and judicial roles

v) The warrior class was responsible for defence

A council of war directed them

vi) Other leaders such as the prophets, priests and diviners played important role in the society

vii) Some individuals rose to top positions of political importance in the late 19th Century as a result of exemplary contributions to the society and wealth acquired

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