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What Are The System Models?

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Systems Models :
Schematic Models :
A schematic model is a 2-D chart that shows system elements and their linkages.
Different arrows are used to show information flow, material flow, and information feedback.
Flow System Models :
A flow system model shows the orderly flow of the material, energy, and information that hold the system together.
Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), for example, is used to abstract a real world system in model form.
Static System Models :
They represent one pair of relationships such as activity–time or cost–quantity.
The Gantt chart, for example, gives a static picture of an activity-time relationship.
Dynamic System Models : Business organizations are dynamic systems. A dynamic model approximates the type of organization or application that analysts deal with. It shows an ongoing, constantly changing status of the system. It consists of ?
Inputs that enter the system
The processor through which transformation takes place
The program(s) required for processing
The output(s) that result from processing.
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