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What Are The Types Of Files Used In An Organization System?

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Types of Files used in an Organization System
Master file ? It contains the current information for a system. For example, customer file, student file, telephone directory.
Table file ? It is a type of master file that changes infrequently and stored in a tabular format. For example, storing Zipcode.
Transaction file ? It contains the day-to-day information generated from business activities. It is used to update or process the master file. For example, Addresses of the employees.
Temporary file ? It is created and used whenever needed by a system.
Mirror file ? They are the exact duplicates of other files. Help minimize the risk of downtime in cases when the original becomes unusable. They must be modified each time the original file is changed.
Log files ? They contain copies of master and transaction records in order to chronicle any changes that are made to the master file. It facilitates auditing and provides mechanism for recovery in case of system failure.
Archive files ? Backup files that contain historical versions of other files.
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