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What Is Documentation Control? What Are The Advantages Of Documentation Control?

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Documentation Control :
Documentation is a process of recording the information for any reference or operational purpose. It helps users, managers, and IT staff, who require it. It is important that prepared document must be updated on regular basis to trace the progress of the system easily.
After the implementation of system if the system is working improperly, then documentation helps the administrator to understand the flow of data in the system to correct the flaws and get the system working.
Programmers or systems analysts usually create program and system documentation. Systems analysts usually are responsible for preparing documentation to help users learn the system. In large companies, a technical support team that includes technical writers might assist in the preparation of user documentation and training materials.
Advantages :
It can reduce system downtime, cut costs, and speed up maintenance tasks.
It provides the clear description of formal flow of present system and helps to understand the type of input data and how the output can be produced.
It provides effective and efficient way of communication between technical and nontechnical users about system.
It facilitates the training of new user so that he can easily understand the flow of system.
It helps the user to solve the problems such as troubleshooting and helps the manager to take better final decisions of the organization system.
It provides better control to the internal or external working of the system.
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