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Explain Program Documentation And Operations Documentation?

asked : 10 months, 20 days ago System Analysis and Design

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Program Documentation :
It describes inputs, outputs, and processing logic for all the program modules.
The program documentation process starts in the system analysis phase and continues during implementation.
This documentation guides programmers, who construct modules that are well supported by internal and external comments and descriptions that can be understood and maintained easily.
Operations Documentation : Operations documentation contains all the information needed for processing and distributing online and printed output. Operations documentation should be clear, concise, and available online if possible.
It includes the following information ?
Program, systems analyst, programmer, and system identification.
Scheduling information for printed output, such as report, execution frequency, and deadlines.
Input files, their source, output files, and their destinations.
E-mail and report distribution lists.
Special forms required, including online forms.
Error and informational messages to operators and restart procedures.
Special instructions, such as security requirements.
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