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Explain Information Gathering Technique- Questionnaires?

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Questionnaires : This method is used by analyst to gather information about various issues of system from large number of persons.
There are two types of questionnaires :
Open-ended Questionnaires ? It consists of questions that can be easily and correctly interpreted. They can explore a problem and lead to a specific direction of answer.
Closed-ended Questionnaires ? It consists of questions that are used when the systems analyst effectively lists all possible responses, which are mutually exclusive.
Advantages of questionnaires :
It is very effective in surveying interests, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs of users which are not co-located.
It is useful in situation to know what proportion of a given group approves or disapproves of a particular feature of the proposed system.
It is useful to determine the overall opinion before giving any specific direction to the system project.
It is more reliable and provides high confidentiality of honest responses.
It is appropriate for electing factual information and for statistical data collection which can be emailed and sent by post.
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