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Explain Information Gathering Technique- Interviewing?

asked : 10 months, 14 days ago System Analysis and Design

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Interviewing : Systems analyst collects information from individuals or groups by interviewing. The analyst can be formal, legalistic, play politics, or be informal; as the success of an interview depends on the skill of analyst as interviewer.
It can be done in two ways
Unstructured Interview : The system analyst conducts question-answer session to acquire basic information of the system.
Structured Interview :It has standard questions which user need to respond in either close (objective) or open (descriptive) format.
Advantages of Interviewing :
This method is frequently the best source of gathering qualitative information.
It is useful for them, who do not communicate effectively in writing or who may not have the time to complete questionnaire.
Information can easily be validated and cross checked immediately.
It can handle the complex subjects.
It is easy to discover key problem by seeking opinions.
It bridges the gaps in the areas of misunderstandings and minimizes future problems.
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