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What are the four different leadership styles and brief them?

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Generally the Leadership styles differ in three ways: the amount of direction provided by the leader, the amount of support and encouragement given by the leader, and the involvement of an employee in decision making.

DIRECTING: This is described as one-way communication. The leader will define the roles and goals, guiding the employee what, when, how, with whom, and where to carry out the task. The leader initiates the Problem-solving and decision making. Resolutions and conclusions are announced, and a job is closely observed by the leader.

COACHING STYLE: This is a two-way communication. The leader assigns the task to the employee and also motivates, encourages, praises the employee’s views on how to proceed with the task. Even though the leader approaches the employee, decision-making and problem-solving are up to the leader.

SUPPORTING: In this style, both the leader and the employee identify the problem together and will set the goals. Problem-solving and decision-making shifts between them. The employee will share his view on how to proceed with the job. Then the leader provides any assurance or support, resources etc if needed.

DELEGATING: In this style, the employee and the leader jointly define the problem and goals. The employee prepares the plan about when, how and with whom the task should be done. A leader will monitor the employee’s performance periodically.
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