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Outline the causes of the Maji Maji rebellion

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The people of Southern Tanganyika wanted to regain their independence.

ii) Africans were against German's ruthless, harsh and cruel rule

iii) The Ngoni were revenging for the 1898 massacre

iv) They were against land alienation

v) Africans resented Christian Missionaries condemnation of their culture and religion, which they viewed as witchcraft.

vi) The Germans forcefully raped, fornicated and committed adultery with the Ngindo women hence annoying the African men

vii) They resented heavy taxation by the GEAC officials.

viii) Africans opposed cotton growing because it was a cash crop and not a food crop

ix) Africans were against forced labour.

x) Role of religion - kinjeketile Ngwale encouraged people to resist the colonialists using the magic water that he claimed would make them immune to the bullet
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