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Ringing experiment

cut a ring in the bark including the phloem from the stem of a woody plant
phloem is found next to or just beneath the bark
observe daily for some time(more than three weeks)
a swelling of the bark appears above the ring
this is due to accumulation of food from leaves
the bark of a second similar plant is removed carefully leaving the phloem intact
a swelling does not appear
ii) Use the radio-active tracers

plant is exposed to carbon containing radio-active carbon C14
C14 is found in the end products of photosynthesis
It is finally detected in phloem
C14 is found to move in both directions
iii) Collecting exudate from stylets of aphids

aphids feed on certain plant phloem using their stylets
aphid mouth parts are dissected using a sharp razor
exudes from the mouth parts are collected and then analyzed
sucrose is found to be a major component of the exudates
this proves that phloem translocates manufactured food substances
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